Rotogrip Automatic Chains – Because your safety is important

Let's face it, no one enjoys “throwing chains.”  You know, those heavy metal chains required on your tires on snow and ice covered roads.  The last thing a driver wants to do in sub-freezing temperatures, icy winds, and less than ideal road conditions is to crawl around your truck on the side of the road trying to place links of cold steel around your tires. 


Not only are you exposed to the winter weather elements, but you are  placed in the line of fire so to speak, of other vehicles sliding into you should the driver lose control.  The good news is Rotogrip Automatic Chains by Rudchain offers a better way, a safer solution to complying with the chain laws.

Rudchain Inc, the parent company of the Rotogrip Automatic Chains has been in the business of making snow chains for over 140 years.  Originating in Germany, they have almost a century and a half of experience of specializing in the creation of durable traction chains for drivers.  German Engineering is well known for its often superior manufacturing of industrialized and automotive equipment.  In fact, properly installed Rotogrip Automatic Chains have been reported to last for over 400,000 miles without fail or defect.

Now based in America, Rotogrip Automatic Chains by Rudchains offers both classic and compact (for low undercarriage clearance vehicles).  These autochain systems work much like an air-braking system, in that they are deployed and retracted based on air pressure.  With these chains installed on your truck, you no longer need to weather the snow and ice to lift heavy chains to your tires.  With the flick of a switch from inside the warmth of your cab and your chains are are automatically deployed and spun into place around all four of your drive tires.  As an additional safety feature, the switch is covered to prevent accidental activation or retraction of your snow chains.

These automatic chains have been used on buses and emergency vehicles, where the drivers may not have the time or ability to park and manually install chains.  Now many truck drivers and trucking companies are switching to the automatic chains due to their ease of use and road-side safety.  Having these chains installed on your truck, you will no longer be required to carry heavy sets of chains.  These chains are DOT approved.  Rotogrip even has stickers to be placed on your doors to notify DOT your truck uses automatic chains.

I am not a driver, nor am I particularly mechanically inclined.  I leave all that up to my better half, the truck driver of the family.  But even I easily understood the mechanics of how these chains work.  Simplicity at its best.  Durability at its highest.  Safety at the forefront for all drivers.  That's what makes the Rotogrip Automatic Chains by Rudchain, Inc. a must-have piece of safety equipment for all drivers!  If you find yourself frequently driving in winter weather conditions where chains are required definitely check out the Rotogrip Automatic Chains.

If you plan to attend the Mid America Truck Show in Louisville, Kentucky March 28 - 30, 2019, be sure to stop by the Rudchain booth (#64156) and check out the Rotogrip Automatic Chains.


on 28 February 2019